Cost, quality, value and investment are inextricably linked

These uncertain times continue as the CoL crisis and record prices in energy markets dominate the agenda. These are the major factors governing not only the budgeting of governments, but are also influencing the spending plans of businesses and individuals.

Whether your business is B2B, B2C or operates a multichannel model, where you supply distributors or retailers directly as well as having a direct to consumer channel, there is a need to increase the value you obtain from the services and products you utilise within your business.

Realising greater value might be expressed as getting more for your money, obtaining better quality, or increasing the return on investment (ROI). Essentially, questions of cost, quality, value and investment remain inextricably linked.

One of the ways to realise the most value and ROI from business spend is to focus on getting more from the components that influence the experiences of your customers.

In a market where business customers may be scrutinising purchasing and investment more deeply than ever, or consumers are considering where every penny is going, there is a need to elevate the standards of service to create memorable customer experiences.

That is not just the way that your staff and teams deal with customers; it also extends to the technology that you use to manage your dealings and relationships with customers. Despite the increased use of digital communication channels such as email, chat and social, for many businesses voice calls remain a pivotal part of the comms mix. 

Not yet switched to VoIP?

If you haven’t already seen the light and moved over to VoIP then it‘s worth familiarising yourself with the key facts. VoIP is a powerful technology that transforms the plain old ‘telephone’ by exploiting the capabilities of digital technology and the cloud. VoIP replaces an old-style telephone switchboard and copper phone lines with a virtual switchboard in the cloud.

This allows voice calling through computers, laptops and mobile devices, all connected using business broadband lines. Easy to use software allows the easy management of inbound and outbound calls. This opens up a world of opportunity for businesses to enjoy a range of value added features such as call recording, IVR and any device, anywhere calling,  enabling seamless remote and hybrid working patterns.

Switched to VoIP but want more value?

Like all technologies, VoIP may vary in the quality of the service and the value it delivers. There are some complex elements such as infrastructure, OEM software licensing, carrier costs (for routing calls) and the support arrangements. These strongly influence the quality of VoIP services, shaping the experiences of businesses that buy them and the customers they serve.

All of these elements sit on a spectrum of quality. Generally speaking, the lower the quality, the lower the costs. And, lower quality ultimately impacts the results – that being the experiences of users. ‘How do you measure better voice calling?’ lets you find out more about why Soho66 offers superior quality experiences for the users in your business or organisation and your customers.

Adopt Soho66 VoIP or switch provider for better quality

If you are unhappy with your current VoIP service provider, switching to Soho66 allows access to superior quality voice calling built on elements that are much further along the quality spectrum.

Obtaining the best value from VoIP makes a very strong business case. This logic stretches right across your business, from end-to-end. 

In some cases, better value cannot be expressed through obtaining higher quality and better features. It may only be realised through direct cost reduction, where you obtain the same service menu and quality for less money.

In the case of VoIP, trading down like this to reduce costs would impact customer service quality and the overall experience would be short-sighted and the wrong way to approach the quest for greater value. 

Written for business owners and finance directors that may feel that there is little more that can be trimmed, our guide ‘7 Smart Ideas to Uncover Cost Saving Efficiencies in Your Business’ provides some very useful ideas. It provides direct input on areas where you may not have looked, and can be a source of inspiration to help you uncover some that may be specific to your business or sector.

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