How do you measure better voice calling? 

The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) has been around since the commercialisation of the telephone in 1876, albeit with upgrades! Refinements such as ringing (the first ones didn’t ring, a caller needed to whistle…), exchanges and pulse dialling were introduced up until the 1980s, when going digital became firmly signposted on the technology roadmap.

Since then, large parts of the voice calling network have migrated from analogue PSTN technology to the digital VoIP (Voice over IP) system, integrating it with the Internet.

As would be expected, as a more recent technology VoIP is better than the older PSTN. But how do we measure superiority to assert that VoIP is better? Here are some key advantages:

  • Call quality – One of the key characteristics of VoIP voice calling is the full bandwidth digital call quality that produces crystal clear sound. PSTN is susceptible to noise and the frequencies reproduced could be limited by microphone and earpiece technology, leading to muffled sound lacking top-end sparkle.
  • Limitless scalability – VoIP can be almost infinitely scalable – without renumbering the entire telephone system (again!) And within a business, using VoIP provides a virtual  PBX – a software equivalent of a hardware Private Branch Exchange or switchboard – enabling the addition of additional system users effortlessly.
  • Richer features – VoIP opens the door to a host of enhanced features made possible by digital technologies. Automated call handling, routing inbound calls to other numbers, and voicemail are all familiar, as are call recording and monitoring. Enabling seamless hybrid working, allowing remote workers to be available as if they were in the office, was a very useful feature during the Covid lockdowns.
  • Any device, anywhere – Unlike the PSTN and hardware PBX, a VOIP user is not tied to a physical line, so a user can be equipped with any compatible device anywhere in the world, connected to the Internet.

The superiority of Soho66 VoIP voice call solutions

Just as with many other competing technologies, the quality of VoIP solutions from different service providers is variable. However, Soho66 VoIP solutions have some special attributes and characteristics that underscore their superiority and market-leading position.

VoIP services can use low-cost digital technologies and routing, impacting quality and reliability. Think of cheap overseas call services – typically to developing nations – where infrastructure is not as advanced. However, Soho66 services don’t cut corners. We’ve built a private VoIP business service that delivers the high value that businesses need – fully featured and reliable, at a fair price.

  • Fast, ‘white glove’ service and support – At Soho66 we developed our VoIP platform from the ground up, avoiding licensing charges for proprietary technologies. Our own highly skilled team of software developers and systems engineers and administrators continuously monitor our services, anticipate problems and rectify them before your call or service quality is impacted. We don’t have to escalate to ‘someone else’ – we built it, we know how it works, we know how to fix it, and quickly.
  • High resilience infrastructure – the quality and reliability of Soho66 voice call services are underpinned by our resilient infrastructure. We own and manage our hosting across infrastructure located in UK and Ireland datacentres. This gives us more control to guarantee service availability. Automated failover means that if one site fails, service is automatically switched over to another datacentre, preventing lengthy service disruptions
  • Built for mission-critical B2B operations – Today’s business world moves fast. With automated trading driving markets around the world, change can happen at the speed of a signal down a cable – about 1/100th the speed of light. Businesses need to be agile and responsive to rapid change that may bring both challenges and opportunities. Soho66 VoIP voice call solutions are built to meet the demands of today’s businesses.

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