Market leader or independent service provider?

When it comes to choosing providers of business services, such as telecoms, conventional wisdom leads many to pick a market-leading, big-name supplier.

For companies in the UK this makes BT the pole-sitter when it comes to connectivity, voice calling and broadband internet. However, Soho66 independent VoIP solutions for businesses offer a lot more in terms of value and service.

Here we discuss how Soho66 VoIP voice calling services offer a tailored, more personalised approach that big telecom providers (not just BT) simply cannot match.

The easiest way to explain this is to compare BT with Soho66. This lets you clearly see why businesses in the UK choose to make the switch from large telephony providers like BT to independent VoIP providers like Soho66.

BT Vs. Soho66

As they prepare for the termination of legacy landline services, BT is providing VoIP-based services. However, Soho66 independent VoIP solutions offer advantages compared to those of bigger companies. Here’s a breakdown to help you understand the differences.

BT VoIP services:

  • Availability: BT offers a variety of VoIP packages for businesses and consumers, often bundled with broadband internet packages.
  • Features: BT offer basic VoIP features like call forwarding, voicemail, and conference calling, but may not have the same level of advanced integrations as independent providers.
  • Cost: While BT VoIP plans might be cheaper than traditional landlines, they may not be as competitive as independent providers, especially for international calls.
  • Customer service: The BT customer service experience can be more impersonal compared to the personalised attention offered by smaller providers. Quite often, this is reflected in a lack of responsiveness.
  • Scalability: Scaling up or down with BT may involve more complex procedures or limitations compared to some independent providers.

Soho66 independent VoIP services

  • Phone system cost savings: Soho66 VoIP puts your switchboard (PBX) in the cloud, and most users use a softphone on existing computing devices with a headset to make and receive calls. This eliminates the need for dedicated handsets, but you can opt for them if you wish. There’s no maintenance or upgrade charge for costly PBX hardware. You simply pay a fixed monthly cost for your VoIP phone system.
  • Save on call rate costs: Soho66 provides competitive call rates, especially for international calls, and more flexible subscription plans. Savings of up to 50% may be expected when measured against traditional fixed line providers or other independent VoIP providers.
  • Advanced features: Soho66 offers a range of great value features like Call Director (IVR), call forwarding, 3- way calling, call monitoring and call recording, and are included in all Soho66 plans.
  • Mobility: Soho66 provides seamless flexibility for WFH and hybrid working patterns, supporting the remote working capabilities demanded by many businesses. Connect your team up wherever they are working from – it’s as if they are in the office.
  • Customer service: Soho66 offers more personalised attention and local support from smaller providers who understand your specific needs.
  • Innovation: Soho66 is a bespoke VoIP technology, offering features, integrations and deals that may not be available from BT.

Ultimately, the choice between a large telecom provider and Soho66 independent VoIP services depends on your specific priorities and needs. For most, cost savings and advanced features backed by the great service of Soho66 are an irresistible combination that is hard to beat.

Great opportunity to get more value with Soho66 VoIP

The Big Switch-Off of PSTN services is a great opportunity for you to make a big change to the value you get from voice calling in your business by switching over to Soho66.

Discover the Soho66 difference today. To get started with Soho66, sign up here.

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