VoIP: So good they tried to ban it!

Since the first applications appeared in the early 1990s, VoIP has delivered increased value as it has evolved. As the technology advances further, Soho66 VoIP telephony customers can be sure the technology will continue to deliver outstanding performance and quality.

The release of Speak Freely, a voice-over-IP application, to the public domain in 1991 was truly a landmark.

Its implications seem to have been a little slow to sink in on the leaders of the vested interests of the time, but by 1996, US telecommunication companies were petitioning the US Congress to ban internet phone technology!

It’s lucky for them that they realised that VoIP wasn’t actually a threat and that it was, in fact, the future. They quickly embraced the concept of ‘convergence’ – the coming together of voice and data networks – that would eventually lead to the sophisticated and versatile internet and broadband connectivity options that we enjoy today.

The coming years promise to see VoIP continue to deliver outstanding capability for businesses to operate more flexibly and reliably than ever.

5G continues to improve value of VoIP and enabling rural broadband

The deployment of 5G networks is improving the overall value of VoIP internet voice call connections. Key areas where businesses will continue to obtain more value through 2024 from Soho66 VoIP solutions include improved call quality, increased reliability, enhanced features, and reduced costs.

However, beyond 2024, one of the most exciting aspects of how 5G is going to release more value from VoIP is expanding the reach of high-speed data connectivity to rural areas. The Rural Dorset project demonstrated the benefits of 5G economically, socially, and environmentally in an area that had long been a broadband and mobile connectivity dead spot.

The ambition now is to expand this across the UK and Ireland. For rural businesses, this promises to put an end to unaffordable, unrealistic costs for infrastructure investment that some rural businesses are asked to bear when they have sought broadband connectivity to enable them to access national and international markets more easily.

The growing populations across the UK and Ireland are exerting pressure on existing population centres to expand. Increasing the availability of high-speed connectivity across a broader geography helps relieve this by increasing the potential to make more use of underdeveloped areas.

To boldly go! The final frontier (and all that!)

Trying to address the problem of poor coverage is nothing new. Google had previously pursued the goal of providing high-speed connectivity for rural and remote areas across the entire world through the use of a complex system of aerial base stations carried by high-altitude balloons.

However, after 9 years of development, project Loon (that’s right!) was scrapped in 2021 when it was declared that “…the road to commercial viability has proven much longer and riskier than hoped,” by Google X director Eric ‘Astro’ Teller.

This ultimate goal is still very much alive and within reach. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of delivering 5G connectivity in hard-to-connect areas is the rapidly developing area of the 5G non-terrestrial-network (NTN).

The ‘democratisation’ of space is making this more financially viable. In particular, the increasing affordability and proliferation of satellite technology and competition in the market that provides launch capability

This uses satellite technology to create a truly global communications infrastructure network, ensuring no place on Earth will ever be truly remote again.

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Whether you have already adopted Soho66 VoIP, or are shopping around to discover the best provider for your business, you can be sure that VoIP is a solid investment that is set to continue delivering value.

With the growing connectivity of 5G enabling increased geographic availability, Soho66 VoIP business voice call services will enable businesses to achieve national and global reach, wherever they are located.

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