VoIP: What’s under the bonnet?

Like many technology solutions, in broad terms, a VoIP service is built from basic building blocks of hardware and software. Other essential components include infrastructure, such as datacentre hosting, and telecoms carriers to provide connectivity.

There are many different building blocks that perform the same or similar functions. And there is always scope for new components to be developed to deliver different capabilities. It follows that there are many ways that a VoIP solution can be stitched together and configured. 

Ultimately, the quality of the components determines the quality of the VoIP solution. The top-quality solutions demanded by businesses utilise high-quality technology components.

Consequently, the performance of different VoIP solutions may be very similar, with characteristics such as call clarity, scalability, and efficiency on par with each other. This creates a dilemma for buyers, sometimes reducing the choice down to which brand has the most appealing marketing.

However, there is another important performance factor to be considered. What about customer support for VoIP?

A VoIP solution needs to be backed by excellent VoIP customer service. When challenges arise, it’s the human factor that marks out a good VoIP solution from an exceptional one.

Essentially, when all the technology factors are equal, it is the quality of the people that counts.

Soho66 customer support for VoIP

For many businesses, voice calling is a business-critical function. So whenever you need customer support for VoIP to rectify a problem, it’s a potential threat to productivity and client relationships. That’s why at Soho66 support isn’t a department, it’s a company-wide philosophy.

Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer support for VoIP. In terms of speed of response to your requests and rectifying faults as quickly as possible, our specialists are always ready to provide assistance:

  • The Support Team: Our experienced support team acts as the primary touchpoint for VoIP customer service, fielding your support requests in various channels and providing customer support for VoIP in the first instance. The Soho66 support team has the ability to escalate issues directly to the engineering team.
  • The Engineering Team: Our inhouse engineering team that developed and built the Soho66 VoIP platform are also the ones that upgrade and maintain it. Unlike other VoIP solutions that utilise third-party OEM technologies, we don’t have to wait for external support teams to respond. We swing into action immediately to provide customer support for VoIP. 
  • The Account Management Team: Our account managers are your trusted partners, working with you to understand your communication needs so that your plans match your business needs and that the Soho66 VoIP solution is optimised to maximise performance and value. Our VoIP customer service and support may be designed for your specific needs.

Experience the Soho66 VoIP customer service difference

When you choose Soho66 you don’t just acquire a VoIP system, you get peace of mind, high performance and value for money. We guarantee outstanding customer support for VoIP, delivered with a personal touch by a business that cares about looking after every customer.

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