Good customer experience means meeting or exceeding the expectations of your customers during all touchpoints with your company.  This can bring significant benefits to your business. Customers that are satisfied spend more and are more loyal over time. Are you doing enough to look after your customers?

A report by customer experience (CX) experts NICE predicted that by 2025, consumers would:

  • Have zero tolerance for sub-optimal service
  • Be far more aware around the reality of service
  • Have far higher expectations
  • Be empowered by social sharing
  • Be more willing and able to shift suppliers

Customers do seem to be far more unwilling to accept poor or average service from the companies they choose to take products and services from. Ultimately, it means there is an increased likelihood of churn should customers be unhappy. There are also other factors that play into this.

  • There is usually plenty of choice in the marketplace, and few products are truly unique
  • Many companies provide competitive products and services for which the differences are negligible
  • Covid has driven technology development and uptake and there is a demand for customers to be provided with self-service options

Essentially, consciously or subconsciously, customers differentiate by assessing the merits of soft attributes, including branding, tone of voice, culture and, yes, you guessed it – good old customer service! Should you fall short, then they are far more willing to vote with their feet and go elsewhere.

Touchpoints with your business

Companies have various touchpoints with customers. The Internet enables key channels including company website, email and social media. 

A high street retail outlet has direct footfall, bringing customers into direct instore contact with staff and the styling of its environment. And for those delivering home services or at places of business, then a field team is a critical touch point.

Of course, for businesses without a high street presence, voice calling is often the key touch point for customers. It’s really important not to overlook the need for dealing with inbound calls efficiently and courteously to support your customer service values and reputation. 

Don’t overlook how a Soho66 VoIP voice call solution can transform your CX

Soho66 VoIP voice call features to support great CX

A Soho66 VoIP voice call cloud solution enables organisations of all sizes to put great customer experiences at the heart of their business. Whether you are a one-person business, such as a consultant or a tradesman, or a multi-site and hybrid working company of 10,000, we have features that help you enhance your reputation for service.

Call Director (IVR)

For inbound calls, Call Director is the Soho66 built-in Interactive Voice Response feature or IVR. This enables customers to access the department or person they want to contact by using their number pad to respond to recorded voice instructions. “Press 1 for Sales, 2 For Customer Service…”

Picking calls up straight away calls get picked up straight away and allowing customers to quickly direct their call to the appropriate team or service agent is a great way to boost customer experience. It’s a great way to provide an element of customer self-service.

Call Delivery Assurance and Hunt Groups

These Soho66 features support fast pick-up by team members and service agents. Call Delivery Assurance ensures that all forwarded calls are answered by a real person, and not sent to voicemail. 

Hunt Groups allows calls to be directed to a team of staff or agents that have been assigned to pick calls up. Ringing multiple VoIP devices at once ensures the best effort response – the call gets picked up by the first available person, wherever they are located. Once again, the key to good CX here is that calls are picked up quickly by a real person.

Call Waiting, Transfer, Forwarding and more…

These features are familiar to many, and they are useful CX tools. Each agent or employee knows when a call is waiting and can switch from one call to another to juggle them in real-time. Calls can also be seamlessly transferred or forwarded to internal or external numbers. 

Soho66 VoIP digital call quality, hold music and sending voicemails left by callers to email, all have a part to play in helping your organisation to meet today’s increasingly high expectation of great CX and low tolerance of anything remotely negative.

Have you seen the Soho66 social approval rating?

Our great rating on Trustpilot is due in part to using our VoIP solution within our business to manage inbound calls. Rated Excellent, scoring 4.8 out of 5 demonstrates just how influential voice call handling is to your CX rating.

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