Website customer journey overshadows voice calls

The concept of providing customers with satisfactory experiences has never been stronger than it is today. So much so, that it has undergone a little inflation as the words used to describe it has come to suggest something beyond mere ‘satisfaction’. Memorable, pleasurable, and enjoyable are examples.

The desire to elevate the experience of customers beyond the ordinary has grown out of the need to minimise churn rates and retain existing customers. Customer acquisition costs are suggested to be at least 5 times the cost of retaining an existing customer. Furthermore, the success rate of selling to existing customers is put at 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%. (Source: OutboundEngine)

Consequently, it should be an easy decision to devote as much time, effort and investment as is sensible into ensuring your customers receive standout experiences. User experience, or CX, is a whole speciality in itself, especially with regard to websites. 

Putting CX top of the voice call agenda with Soho66

For some organisations, the experience customers and prospects receive when in contact through telephone calls can run second best, often overshadowed by placing an emphasis on the customer journey and the website experience.

Here is how the Soho66 cloud-based VoIP telephone system enables organisations of all sizes to provide great customer experiences. 

Call Director (IVR)

First and foremost for inbound calls, Call Director is the Soho66 built-in Interactive Voice Response feature or IVR. This presents pre-recorded voice messages and menu items that invite callers to press keys or verbally indicate how they wish their calls to be directed. It’s an excellent tool for providing a good customer experience. Calls get picked up straight away and customers can quickly direct their call to the appropriate team or service agent.

Call Delivery Assurance and Hunt Groups

These Soho66 features support fast pick up by team members and service agents. Call Delivery Assurance ensures that all forwarded calls are answered by a real person, and not sent to voicemail. 

Hunt Groups allows calls to be directed to a team of staff or agents that have been assigned to pick calls up. Ringing multiple VoIP devices at once ensures the best effort response – the call gets picked up by the first available person, wherever they are located. Once again, the key to good CX here is that calls are picked up quickly by a real person.

Call Waiting, Transfer, Forwarding and more…

These may be familiar to many, but that doesn’t devalue their role as CX tools. Each agent or staff member knows when a call is waiting and is able to switch between calls. Calls can also be seamlessly transferred or forwarded to internal or external numbers. 

Soho66 VoIP digital call quality, hold music and sending voicemails left by callers to email, all have a part to play in helping your organisation to present a more professional image, by providing high levels of service and by meeting customer’s expectations. 

No hardware or maintenance costs and competitive call rates

Soho66 VoIP is ideal for organisations of practically any size! It is highly cost-effective, and you don’t have the big one-off costs for ‘switchboard’ equipment and ongoing charges for maintenance associated with conventional PBX-based telephone systems. Soho66 also provides extremely competitive call rates for business phone systems. Soho66 VoIP system is built on cloud-based technology, making it infinitely scalable, for organisations of 10 to 10,000 users.

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