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VoIP puts voice communications in the cloud, bringing significant benefits to businesses. As economic factors continue to create uncertainty, VoIP offers flexibility and scalability, which are of immense value to businesses that harbour the ambition to grow.

Here we look at the top advantages that enable Soho66 VoIP to support the expansion of businesses that have their sights firmly fixed on future growth.

Reduces costs

Directly, Soho66 VoIP eliminates legacy voice call costs such as PBX equipment (the good old switchboard), desktop telephone hardware and charges for connectivity using conventional copper and ISDN lines.

There are also associated indirect costs, such as maintenance, support contracts and upgrades. For a monthly fee and minimal investment in headsets, VoIP software on the computing devices of your workforce connects to the cloud and does it all. Essentially, our voice call solutions support growth by reducing fixed costs and putting money back on the bottom line.

Greater efficiency

Goldfish.ie VoIP voice call solutions are inherently efficient and the ultimate expression of this is in enabling improved productivity. One of the key features that free you and your team up to get more done on higher-value tasks that help grow your business, is automating pick-up using Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

IVR plays recorded messages offering options that callers select by using their number keypads. This prevents the need for a human to field the call initially, and provides callers with self-service, allowing them to navigate to their desired person or department. 

Improved voice call quality

Crystal clear digital audio allows voice calls to have much greater clarity. This is one of many factors that enhances communication and caller interaction with your team, supporting growth through repeat business.

Digital quality audio is more intelligible, making it less fatiguing for employees who are continually picking up or who are often tied up on calls for long periods. 

Never miss a word

Soho66 call recording means that you never miss out on the details. Whether it’s for simple customer enquiries, complex conversations that might form verbal contracts or with other legal relevance, or compliance requirements for explanations of statutory rights, call recording provides certainty about what was said.

Whether it is inbound or outbound calls, every call is recorded and the standard retention of recording is 6 years, unrivalled by any other company in the industry. Get guaranteed accuracy and the ability to check details and resolve disputes.

Better resilience

When it comes to the availability of our services, Soho66 are rated as ‘four nines’ – which means they are online and available to our customers 99.99% of the time. Put another way, that means on average, they are unavailable for less than one hour in every 365 days. That means it is pretty much always there to enable your business activities and support growth.

Hosted across multiple world-class data centre facilities, automatic failover ensures continued availability should one data centre experience difficulties. This also means information is duplicated, preventing data loss and delays that can happen, should a catastrophic event occur.

Accelerated support

Soho66 is the owner-operator! We design, develop, build, own, manage and maintain our hardware and software infrastructure. Because it truly is ours, we can respond immediately and have the expertise to fix it fast should things go awry.

Hybrid working

The widespread acceptance and expectation for flexible working is here to stay, even though the threat from the main driver behind it – Covid – has receded.

Soho66 VoIP enables your team to be seamlessly connected to your voice communication system. They just need their mobile device, our softphone software and an internet connection.

All the features, such as transferring calls, 3-way conference calling and diverts, along with all the other system capabilities are available. Mobile, remote and home working, allow your workforce to maximise availability and productivity to help grow your business.

Improves customer experience

Whether it’s via your website, face-to-face with your employees, field sales, service or delivery teams, or in your retail environment, customer experience is one of the key battlegrounds where businesses must focus if they are to flourish and grow.

Voice calling is an important touchpoint within the mix, and Soho66 enables your business to provide better customer experiences. Customers spend less time waiting for call pick-up, get clearer speech and hold music, and get through faster to who they need to speak with.

This improves customer satisfaction, drives increased spend, better retention and advocacy which are all drivers of business growth.

Future proof

Technology is continually moving forward, and whether we like it or not, we get dragged along with it! VoIP has been around since 1995, so legacy PBX business telephone systems are taking a long time to cycle out.

However, their ultimate demise is creeping closer and closer. In 2025 BT is switching off its PSTN and ISDN networks and this means every business will need to have moved over to VoIP before then. Moving sooner rather than later allows more time to plan and allows for a smoother transition.

Leaving it to the last minute when demand across the entire telecoms industry is high may be inviting problems that may adversely impact your business, slowing growth. It’s advisable to get started soon with Soho66 to make sure this does not impede the growth of your business.

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