The benefits of IVR for businesses of all sizes

When calling enterprise size businesses, we have all become familiar with Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It’s the feature of a telephone system that greets us with a recorded message and then provides a list of options inviting us to enter a number to choose what we want to do, such as “Press 1 for Sales or Press 2 for Customer Services.”

However, IVR is no longer the preserve of enterprises. Typically, IVR was a feature that was built-in to the hardware of a PBX that resided at the business premises of the company being called. This incurred significant costs for hardware, maintenance and upgrades.

Now, the advent of Voice over IP (VoIP) digital telephone systems have revolutionised business telephone systems. Businesses are no longer stuck with the limited options of choosing lines from a major telecoms carrier and a hardware PBX from a handful of big brands such as Avaya or Panasonic.

A VoIP system provides a virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and is totally in the cloud, so it has no requirement for a hardware PBX and it significantly reduces the need for handsets on desks. For the majority of the workforce, a softphone is a great option. A softphone only needs a suitable headset and the installation of the software app from your VoIP service provider on laptops, desktop computers or mobile devices.

As a consequence, smaller scale Soho and SMB businesses, which may have found a fully featured hardware PBX cost prohibitive, are now able to tap into the significant value-add that the best VoIP service providers deliver.

The advantages of IVR with Soho66 Call Director 

Quite simply, today, a business of any size that wants it is able to enjoy the benefits of a fully featured VoIP business-class telephone system that incorporates IVR.

Call Director is the IVR feature of Soho66 VoIP business telephone systems. This lets our customers efficiently manage inbound calls by directing external queries to the relevant department in a quick and easy manner.

The key benefits of Soho66 Call Director include:

Automatic call answering – Picks up calls, greets and presents IVR options eliminating the need for receptionist/operator pick up.

Time saving – Easily direct external queries to the correct department and reduce the amount of time spent transferring calls.

Increase your business professionalism – Helps eliminate unprofessional telephony practices.

Enhanced customer satisfaction – improve the customer experience and provide a better customer journey.

Professional recorded messages – Choose from our suite of professional recordings, or upload your own, or add personalised professional recordings to your package.

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