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What is working smarter? Making better use of your time. Cutting out paper to drive efficiency. Getting things done faster. Sure, working smarter is all these things. And you would think most companies would have got it all down to a tee by now. Mostly, they have.

However, you might be surprised how many still soldier on with outmoded telephony for their voice calls. Legacy POTS telephone systems that use a hardware PBX, or ‘switchboard’ as it might be commonly referred to, still persist.

Telephony reinvented for how we do business today

The term ‘telephony’ as it was once more commonly known is now no longer adequate for describing point-to-point voice calling in business. Today’s ‘voice calling’, ‘VoIP calling’ or simply ‘VoIP’ is digital and it’s different. A key reason to make this distinction between old-style analogue voice calling and today’s radically different digital technologies is that VoIP helps people to work smarter and releases efficiencies that help businesses to grow.

Here we’ll outline some of the ways businesses can use a cloud-based VoIP system to help optimise the way people work together, maximise productivity and deliver better customer experiences.

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VoIP office anywhere, anyway – VoIP lets your team members work flexibly. In an office, at home, remotely, or without any permanent central geographical office at all, Soho66 VoIP cloud solution connects everyone seamlessly. Transfer inbound calls from customers, 3rd parties and other stakeholders. Call team members internally wherever they are. Hybrid working, on the road or no-bricks, simply work smarter by configuring your business the way you want with Soho66.

Call Director or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Soho66 Call Director lets you use the VoIP solution to automatically pick up inbound calls, allowing callers to navigate to the right person or department. Callers simply use the number pad on their device or telephone to interact with the voice menus that the IVR feature provides. “Please press 1 for service or 2 for sales…” Allow your team to have less interruption from picking up inbound calls intended for other staff and boost customer experience. Soho66 Call Director is a much smarter way to pick up, distribute and respond to inbound calls.

Call Recording – Call Recording is an excellent tool and it can be used to help your team work smarter in a variety of ways. Primarily, recording calls provides a permanent and accurate record of a conversation. This can be used for verifying verbal contracts, capturing complex details for which it may be hard to write precise notes and dispute resolution. Recording also helps to identify the training needs of team members. With Soho66 Call Recording, you get 6-year call retention as standard with all plans. For guaranteeing accuracy and preventing mistakes, Soho66 VoIP Call Recording lets you work a lot smarter than old-style telephony. 

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Soho66 VoIP features, services and support don’t just boost efficiency and productivity. They make it easy for you to provide great customer experiences that help grow your business.

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