Changes for the better: VoIP and 0333 numbers

Big changes to the national telephone network infrastructure are coming. December 2025 the big switch off of the old analogue and early digital telecoms services that are now a legacy is scheduled. If it has not done so already, every business is going to have to switch to VoIP call technology.

This is a change for the better as it opens the gateway to the vastly superior features of VoIP telephony that provide enhanced customer experience (CX). However, it is not the only change you can make that lets you do a better job of managing inbound voice calls.

Even if your business has migrated to VoIP voice call technology already, has it adopted a 0333 number?

What is an 0333 business telephone number?

A 0333 business telephone number is a non-geographic number that starts with the 0333 prefix. These numbers are not tied to a specific area code, so they can be used by businesses anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

0333 numbers were introduced in 2007 and were designed to provide businesses with a more cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional landline numbers. 0333 numbers are now widely used by businesses of all sizes, and they are a popular choice for companies that want to improve customer service and their image.

Why is a Soho66 0333 number good for your business?

0333 prefix telephone numbers from Soho66 provide grat benefits and are good for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors:

Reduced customer costs
Telephone numbers prefixed 0333 are cheaper than traditional STD dialling code numbers such as those beginning with 01 and 02. 0333 numbers are non-geographic, meaning they are not tied to a specific area code.

Special rates
Soho66 negotiates special rates with telecoms carriers which makes 0333s cheaper to call from landlines and mobiles, saving your customers money when they phone you. They are a good alternative to 0800 and 0845 and other 08 numbers which have a cost per call implication for your company. 0333s are charged to the customer, but this is at a fair call rate. Ultimately, they provide clarity that the cost to the customer is reasonable.

More ‘sticky’
0333 numbers are more memorable than other formats. The 0333 prefix is shorter and easier to remember than other prefixes. This makes it more likely that customers will remember your number and call you, helping to support the growth of your customer base and sales. For businesses with an international customer base it can also make them more appealing to callers from outside Soho66 – UK.

Greater professionalism
Telephone numbers prefixed 0333 suggest a more professional approach than alternative number formats. 0333 numbers are often seen as ‘ready for business’, helping to promote a stronger business image to customers and prospects.

Flexible routing
0333s are fully compatible with the VoIP telephony features that support the remote and flexible working of your team. Customers contact your business using one easy-to-remember number. Customers are connected to your employees wherever they happen to be working, in the office, WFH or on the move. In the event of a disaster and your business premises are rendered unusable or inaccessible, VoIP and 0333 mean customers still contact you by phone without any problems. A VoIP switchboard is in the cloud and not in any fixed geographical place, such as your office premises.

Choose the perfect VoIP 0333 number with Soho66

It is well worth considering moving to VoIP well ahead of the December 2025 big telecoms switch-off and avoiding any stress as the deadline approaches. Telecom industry service providers are likely to be oversubscribed, potentially delaying your efforts to switch to VoIP and running the risk of disruption to your incoming business calls.

Whether you have switched to VoIP already or not, it is well worth considering an 0333 number as part of your VoIP migration. Quite simply, Soho66 0333s offer many benefits that help your business grow and succeed.

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