One of VoIP’s killer features!

The acronym VoIP stands for Voice over IP, which is a networking technology standard for sending voice communications over data networks such as the Internet. VoIP recording is simply the method by which VoIP calls are recorded and for many business users, it really is one of VoIP’s killer features.

Today’s leading VoIP systems are not based on hardware and servers located on-premise, within the offices of your business. They are cloud-based systems hosted from data centres remote from your offices. This means the recording capabilities of VoIP are also hosted in the cloud.

VoIP telephony uses broadband data connections, providing adequate connectivity for as many users as your VoIP service provider’s package supports.

Record and playback VoIP calls on-demand

Once the VoIP call recording feature is activated, both incoming calls and outgoing calls may be recorded. They are saved as digital audio such as .mp3 or .WAV formatted files. Once recorded, you can go back and play each recording on demand.

You can expect a VoIP call recording system to automatically tag recordings with timestamp and user information, as well as the number being called or calling you. A good system is likely to let you tag them with metadata so that you can identify and search for them.

A good system should make conversations available for playback as soon as you end each call you have recorded. A straightforward interface with familiar symbols, such as playback ➤ and so on, allows you to see, organise and access all recordings.

It’s really simple for users, but is underpinned by highly developed technology to make sure that recorded data files are backed up and remain securely stored.

What are the key benefits of VoIP call recording

This overview of VoIP call recording wouldn’t be complete without appraising the benefits of this great feature:

  • Digital audio quality – VoIP call recording captures both sides (or all sides for a conference call) with crystal clear digital clarity.
  • Quality Management – VoIP call recording provides monitoring to drive your quality management processes for sales, customer service, and support or any other instance where your employees interact with customers.
  • Best and better practice – VoIP call recording allows you to monitor employee performance and identify training issues, as well as successful practices that you may wish to propagate as a model across your business.
  • Improve responses – VoIP call recording helps to fine tune sales call scripts by allowing you to analyse customer responses to specific phrases, offers or propositions within your sales scripts.
  • Call forensics – VoIP call recordings form a permanent record that allow for forensic examination of information that is exchanged on calls, guaranteeing accuracy over any details that may have been discussed. This makes them invaluable for the process of managing disputes.
  • Secure – VoIP calls and the recordings are transmitted and stored using encryption so they are naturally secure when data is in motion or at rest.

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VoIP call recording solutions that deliver the best value provide extensive retention capabilities. We securely retain your calls for up to six years, as standard, a value-add that is unavailable from any other service provider.

Our call recording feature can be customised to suit your individual organisation requirements, such as being set to record only incoming or only outgoing calls or set for individuals extensions as required.

With Soho66, calls are recorded in real-time, so you can listen to each recording the moment the call has ended. All calls are recorded in MP3 format, fully supported by all types of devices

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