Extending the value of VoIP telephony

VoIP business telephony opens up a world of opportunity for companies. Particularly where businesses are faced with escalating costs for energy and there is upward pressure on fixed costs like the wages bill, opportunities to reduce costs elsewhere are more than welcome.

Companies that have switched from conventional PBX-based telephone systems to ‘Soho66’ VoIP services and moved communication into the cloud, will already be aware of just how much telephony costs can be reduced.

However, the VoIP ‘story’ doesn’t end there. On its own, VoIP opens up the potential to provide a much richer user experience (UX) for callers and your staff alike. This drives efficiency, the prime example being in allowing callers to navigate the system, and route their calls through to the most appropriate person or department, a feature of VoIP known as Interactive Voice Routing, or IVR.

Another addition that enhances UX which many might consider is to plug in virtual receptionist services. In a nutshell, this is an answering service where your inbound calls are handled by a specialist receptionist service team.

The best services of this type offer a true extension of your business. Bringing their own professionalism and briefed on what you want, the virtual reception team delivers, and it’s unlikely your callers will know the difference and recognise it’s an answering service.

Excellent features for value and efficiency

Some key features of the best virtual receptionist services include:

  • Own number – Use your ‘UK’ direct dial number
  • Fix your costs – Pricing plans offer fixed monthly costs, with no contracts
  • Interface – Routes through and escalates calls to your team where specified
  • Switch plans – Upgrade or downgrade price plans based on inbound call demand
  • First pick up – Rings in your office at the same time and picks up unanswered calls

Outstanding advantages to power growth

Make the right impression first time

Many businesses rely on inbound calls to engage with potential customers. Often picking up and correctly handling that first call is of the utmost importance. Most companies operate in very competitive marketplaces and prospective customers that may not have dealt with you before have no loyalty to you or obligation to ring you again if a call is not picked up. What they are likely to do is ring the number of one of one of your competitors!

Remember, not everyone has a great telephone manner, and busy people that are multitasking may sound distracted or otherwise give off signals that callers might read as unfriendly. Virtual receptionist services put these important calls in the hands of the professionals!

Boosts small team productivity

Often in smaller and growing companies there is a need for members of your team to multi-task or wear more than one hat. Sometimes they need to focus on other matters and avoid the distraction of inbound calls.

Virtual support desk

Provide support and customer service so that your in-house team doesn’t get burdened with routine calls that can be handled competently through the virtual reception personnel using FAQs to support your specific products and services. Great for providing service and support, enhancing UX and increasing customer satisfaction, as well as ensuring best use of time for your employees.

Call screening

Time is precious and avoiding your team getting drawn into inbound call handling might be a necessity. You might also want to avoid spending time taking calls that do not represent realistic business opportunities. Virtual receptionist services can gather all the necessary information you need to research and qualify inbound callers to prioritise follow up.

Perfect for a no-bricks company

Just right for a no-bricks business without a geographic office location that wants to give the impression of a centralised office location.

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