An essential rather than a ‘nice to have’ 

If the acceptance of WFH was a bit patchy before, Covid has made sure that it is now front and centre. Hybrid working has become a key differentiator for attracting talent in a job market where businesses are struggling to recruit because the workforce simply expects it.

Essentially, hybrid working is now an essential rather than a ‘nice to have’. However, there is a need to make sure those working remotely are integrated with the rest of the workforce. To ensure that remote workers are fully productive, organisations and businesses need the right tools to support WFH.

The ‘right’ WFH tools are those that allow your business processes to carry on seamlessly, as if your remote workers are in the office.

Voice calls pivotal in building customer relationships

Video conferencing and collaboration tools help to promote presence and enable co-workers and partners to work together when they are in different locations. But what about customers that need to communicate with your organisation?

Some businesses have elected to place the emphasis on multichannel digital communication channels. Webchat, contact forms, email and social media are all channels where organisations can listen out for customers and prospects.

However, many businesses continue to give voice calling equal billing because they have identified the pivotal role voice communications play in building customer relationships. 

Also increasingly, organisations and businesses are slimming down offices or adopting the no-bricks business model, meaning that entire teams may not be in the same location.

When some or all of your workforce and teams are operating remotely, how do you ensure that voice call handling is seamless to the customer?

Soho66 VoIP voice calls connect seamlessly

Soho66 VoIP voice calling connects customers or other callers with your team seamlessly. The VoIP platform provides a virtual switchboard in the cloud. Wherever they are working, this allows team members to:

  • Be part of the first response pick-up group to take inbound calls to your main business number 
  • Pick-up calls made directly to their own direct dial-in (DDI) number
  • Receive inbound calls transferred by other team members
  • Be called on an internal extension number by other team members
  • Transfer calls to other team members
  • Pickup voicemails left for them
  • Redirect calls to mobile

The system is versatile, allowing calls to be made and received through a browser, desk phone, softphone or smartphone app. Our packages provide DDIs, extension numbers and inclusive landline and mobile minutes, making them great value.

Managing WFH workers with the Supervisor Console

The Soho66 VoIP platform is perfect for managing your employees in real-time. The Supervisor Console lets you see what your staff are doing in real-time. You can track their key stats, such as the numbers they are connected to and time spent on the phone. 

The Supervisor Console is also excellent for supporting hybrid workers operating remotely WFH. You can monitor calls allowing you to identify training needs and provide live in call coaching, without callers hearing.

Seamlessly connect your team with Soho66

Soho66 is designed, built, managed and maintained by our own in-house team. When you connect your WFH workforce with Soho66 you enjoy unrivalled pricing, service and support. We negotiate better carrier rates for calls, provide a higher standard of customer support and address technical issues faster.

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