A competitive market is a healthy market!

With an abundance of choices for B2B VoIP telephony services, there is no shortage of competition in the marketplace. After all, a competitive market is a healthy market. However, this makes choosing the best VoIP phone system for business in the UK a little tricky.

To help companies searching for the best VoIP phone system for businesses chart a way through the pitfalls and avoid making an inappropriate choice, there are a couple of key points that may help clarify the way ahead.

Jack of all trades

Some service providers like to try to be all things to everyone, by going to market with a one-stop-shop solution, a ‘Jack of all trades’ for every use case. For VoIP communications, such solutions might include conference calling, answering services, video conferencing, and integrating chat platforms, as well as telephony.

Some service providers that want to be seen as offering the best VoIP phone system for businesses may try to be feature-rich, maxing out their functionality. However, this approach can be problematic. With solutions that try to multiplex and stitch many different strands of technology together, there are often compromises. At the expense of being able to do many things, they tend not to excel at anything in particular, and while offering broad functionality, they may leave a lot to be desired.

Avoiding the risk of single-point failure

Another issue that a company seeking the best VoIP phone system for businesses needs to consider is risk. The rationale behind adopting a solution that offers a wide range of VoIP facilities should be questioned because it poses a threat to business continuity. It’s the familiar ‘all the eggs in one basket’ scenario. 

Should the service provider experience a failure that takes it offline, then customers lose their entire ability to communicate. In today’s world, where digital connectivity and the flow of communication are very often the lifeblood of business operations, such an outage is likely to cause significant disruption to day-to-day workflows.

Focused on VOIP telephony, robust infrastructure and superb service

Soho66 enables companies in the UK to avoid these pitfalls by doing a very good job of providing the best VoIP phone system for business telephony. This uses leading telecom carriers to provide high-quality voice calling services, conducted through high reliability, resilient infrastructure wrapped with a customer service ethic that demonstrates the willingness to go the extra mile.

For companies looking for the best VoIP phone system for business, Soho66 high-quality VoIP telephony solutions include these key elements that focus on doing a really great job of voice communications:

  • Voice calling – access the system via softphone software installed on computing devices. This makes use of reasonably priced headsets and avoids the need for costly handsets. Provides seamless connectivity with co-workers, allowing responses to incoming calls and making outgoing calls from anywhere with a broadband internet connection. Seamlessly supports hybrid working and hotdesking.
  • Automated call answering and recordingInteractive Voice Response (IVR) provides automated call pick-up and allows callers to interact with recorded voice option messages to navigate to the most appropriate department or team member. Call recordings are stored for six years as standard without extra charges and are easily retrievable by searching for tags and index data.
  • Robust infrastructure – Soho66 puts your switchboard (PBX) in the cloud. Our in-house team of technology experts designed and built the software from the ground up and maintains it. With real-time monitoring, there are no layers that create delays in addressing operational issues. The infrastructure is also self-healing. In the event of a sudden catastrophic failure that takes a data centre offline, our services switch instantly to backup sites, where all services and data are replicated and held in a constant state of readiness.
  • Customer service – With stiff competition in the marketplace to offer the best VoIP phone system for business, we realised that customer service is a key differentiator. Essentially, when it comes to technology, many service providers may have equivalent technology capabilities. However, when all other factors are equal, the difference is our people. That’s why Soho66 goes the extra mile and has sparkling testimonials and large numbers of positive reviews on Trustpilot.

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