VoIP is an enabler for some and a game-changer for others

As a deployed technology, VoIP (Voice over IP) based solutions have been around for around 25 years. However, despite this they have not yet fully superseded older, legacy telephony technologies that are essentially derived from the first commercial telephone systems first introduced in 1878!

However, this is all about to change. Across the UK, the big switch-off of copper line and ISDN services in December 2025 is less than two years away now. Don’t worry, though; as long as you switch over to VoIP in good time, expect business as usual.

Why it has taken so long for this to happen is complex. The sheer scale of the telephone system, infrastructure investment and maintaining services to all subscribers on both legacy and VoIP equipment are all partly responsible.

The delay in adopting VoIP has held some sectors back. This is because for certain types of commercial activity, VoIP is an enabler, and for others, it is a disruptor of game-changing proportions.

Sectors benefiting from VoIP solutions

Here are a few examples of some sectors where VoIP technology has made significant impacts since its commercial debut:

Telecommunications – VoIP has disrupted legacy telecommunications technologies by offering a cheaper and more flexible alternative to traditional phone services.

Education – VoIP has revolutionised learning, allowing schools and universities to provide virtual classes. Flexible and remote learning options empower people around the world to achieve advancement through education.

Healthcare – VoIP enables healthcare providers to join up communications with patients and delivery partners, improving patient care and streamlining healthcare processes.

Government – VoIP improves the ability of government agencies to communicate and collaborate, improving efficiency and reducing costs, helping to deliver better services to citizens.

4 ways Soho66 VoIP boosts customer service – whatever your business 

Besides these examples of sectors where VoIP is something of a revolutionary driver, it is also an agent for change in one specific area of day-to-day operations for almost every business. The area in question is that of customer services.

Generally speaking,  Soho66 VoIP makes it easier for businesses to respond to customer inquiries and requests for help quickly and efficiently. Soho66 VoIP solutions do this through:

1. Improving call quality – VoIP high-quality digital audio results in clearer voice calls, greater reliability and better quality compared to traditional phone systems.

2. Enhancing call routing – VoIP systems enable advanced call routing options that allow businesses to thread calls through to the most appropriate agent or department, improving response times and customer satisfaction.

3. Integrating CRM– Integrating VoIP with CRM, creates a single place from which to track and manage interactions with customers and deliver more joined-up customer service that drives improved customer retention and lifetime value.

4. Advanced call management – Soho66 VoIP systems come with advanced call management features, including call recording, call forwarding, and call transferring, which help businesses to handle customer calls more effectively and improve customer service.

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